Hello and Welcome


Nice to meet you. I’m Jen and this is my new blog to cover all things vegan (mostly food because that’s my favourite part)

I plan to include my own recipes, restaurant reviews, my favourite vegan blogs and anything else that comes to mind.

I live in South West London with my lovely fiance and I love cake and eating out (and in :)). Originally for the north east of England, I’m still getting used to city life, but love the variety of vegan options available in London.

On Saturday, on the way back from my power plates class (doing it hungover was a mistake and I felt even less fit than usual) I popped into Whole Foods in Kensington and OH MY GOD- Vegan paradise!!!! I got all sorts of treats, including actually the nicest cupcake I’ve ever had. I wish I’d taken a photo but it was from “Cat and the Cream” bakery, pear and hazlenut flavour and was completely vegan and gluten free. I have no idea how this was possible as it had a lovely texture and taste and the pile of icing on top was perfect, with a little bit of praline at the very top mmm. I will definitely be going back to try more flavours.


Although I spend my days masquerading as an IT consultant, I’m actually not that technical so imagine I’ll take a while to get used to this!

Bye for now.

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