Amico Bio- Italian Vegetarian food in the old city of London

Official Website:

Nearest tube: Barbican

So, my first restaurant review. I should start out by admitting that the reason we chose to go here for a pre-concert meal, as well as it being so conveniently located for the Barbican, was because I’d bought a Groupon for 2 courses each plus a glass of prosecco for £21- bargain!

We arrived at 5:30pm on a Saturday to a little out-of-the way restaurant opposite St Bartholemew’s church. It was probably half- full and many people were eating on the same offer as us or one they were also running through toptable.

There was a good selection of vegetarian and vegan food on the menu and very reasonably priced- £2.50-£7 for starters, £7-£10 for mains.

For starters, I had the koalrabi, radish and fennel salad. I didn’t know what koalrabi was, and wikipedia hasn’t helped me much, but it seems it’s a vegetable from the cabbage family and it was served raw and thinly sliced and was, to me, a kind of cross between a radish, an apple and cabbage- that crunchy watery texture with fruityness mixed with cabbageyness. Anyway, it was a lovely fresh, light salad and I’d definitely recommend it. R (fiance) went for focaccia and olives and got plenty in the portion- 6 or so 2 inch cubes of soft focaccia, with some olives and oil for dipping.

We got 2 vegan mains to share:

Tofu cake on braised red cabbage, and

Seitan and vegetable kebab.

I was a little confused by the kebab. I had expected skewered vegetables and seitan, in fact we got a kind of flatbread stuffed with lots of different vegetables, and a great chilli sauce on the side. It was very nice, although I didn’t manage to identify any seitan in there.

The tofu cake was lovely though, basically as expected a well seasoned burger made from mashed tofu. The cabbage it came on was good too and I’d definitely have that again.

R had a glass of red wine that tasted strongly of cherry which we both thought was rather pleasant. I think it was the Sangiovese, Boirà IGT Marche 2008.

We were pretty full due to the early hour and the good portion sizes, so couldn’t manage pudding but did eye up a selection of homemade “vegan cheeses” to try next time.

I think I found a gem and will definitely be returning next time I see something at the Barbican!

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