Great Vegan Blogs

Here are my absolute favourite blogs, where I find great recipes and recommendations:

Fat free vegan kichen:

This site is amazing! There are so many recipes and ideas, all pretty healthy and many are simple enough to do with a basic vegan store cupboard. This site taught me what to do with nutritional yeast, the mac and cheese recipe is a favourite and I am looking forward to trying out the Beetballs as they look great! There’s tonnes on this site and the photos never fail to make my mouth water.

Chef Chloe:

Oh Chloe Coscarelli, you beauty. She can veganize anything so great for anybody who misses non-vegan food. The raspberry tiramisu cupcakes always go down a treat (and beat non-vegan cupcakes to win “cupcake wars” in the US),  the mexicali sliders (along with the spicy mango sauce and guacomole) are simple to make and so tasty, Avocado pesto pasta is a bit unusual but very lovely. I’ve tried about half the recipes on this site and never been disappointed.

To Happy Vegans:

All sorts of reviews and lifestyle comments on here, and the 2 happy vegans are London based so I get lots of reviews of local places which is great. They also run a vegan cake shop if you want to treat anybody.

Vegan Backpacker:

This is where I check if I’m travelling anywhere for the best tips and restaurants in different areas. Some great comprehensive reviews of where to go…and where not to! I wish I’d found it sooner and known to visit the vegan ice cream shop in Rome!!!!


I am so grateful to the lovely vegans who write these blogs and share their wisdom!

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