Shahee Bhelpoori- Pure Vegetarian Indian in Norbury

Official website:

Train station: Norbury

I had been meaning to go to this place for ages and have a friend who lives around the corner, so finally made it on Friday night. The menu was extensive and had marked any items that were or could be made vegan (although I didn’t quite trust some of the labelling, as I did spot a paneer dish with the blue vegan star next to it)

We started with poppadums and some of the best lime pickle I’ve ever had. Then came samosas- 3 each apparently! But they were so nice we each ate all 3- crispy, freshly fried pastry with plenty of filling and, strangely ketchup on the side, which we both ignored…

For mains we each had a Thali. I requested the Vegan Thali of the day (£7.95- Bargain!!!) : A big portion of rice in the middle with 4 small curries around the outside, my favourite ones being the shredded potato and a tomatoey chickpea curry. It was all quite mild but perfect for me! There was also a paratha bread on the side, which I wasn’t familiar with but seems to be similar to a croissant in texture (with layers) and clearly plenty of fat in it- but delicious!!!!

My friend, who is not a vegan but loves vegetarian food, went for the Shahee Thali which included some deep fried pakoras, a nice soupy dall, poori and a strange deep fried syrupy cake.

As vegan desserts were available, even though I was stuffed I couldn’t resist ordering some vegan ice cream, which I suspect was Swedish Glace Neapolitan, as I got a scoop each of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. Very nice though!! And then some black massala tea.

Service was very friendly and attentive, food was tasty and very reasonably priced and the atmosphere was relaxed, so we stayed for a few hours chatting over our teas and coffees.

I will definitely be returning, and possibly ordering take-away too as it’s only a few miles away.  I can imagine the Sunday all you can eat buffet would be nice too!

Today, I am trying to make my first vegan hot cross buns, they will appear here if successful.

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