Otto Pizza in Kensington

Official website:

Tube station: Bayswater

I’ve now been to this place twice and the second time remembered (halfway through…) to take a photo of my meal! Yay. Otto’s USP is their cornmeal crust pizza- something the owners brought back from Portland, Oregon and I’d never had before visiting.

It’s not just somewhere you can eat vegan pizza by ordering it without the cheese, they actually make their own cashew ricotta and there are always at least 2 vegan options. My favourite, and the one pictured, is red lentil kofta pizza which is the yummy cornmeal crust filled with cashew ricotta, red curry sauce, red onions and topped with some tasty red lentil kofta.

Other options appear on the board from time to time, but they are willing to do the roasted garlic pizza vegan (although I’ve never had the desire for that much garlic)

The side salad is lovely and really complements the pizza- fresh tasty leaves and herbs, not your standard iceberg and tomato salad!!!

Bring your non-vegan friends. I did. They had pepperoni/four cheese/bacon and pear pizza and loved them. Along with root beer floats!!

Service is always with a smile and, although they warn you that pizzas are cooked freshly so wait time may be a while, it’s never been too long for me.

I’m always happy to dine at Otto.