Saf- vegan, raw, yummy

I used to love Saf when it was in Shoreditch, especially the interesting cocktails and puddings! I was a bit disappointed when it closed down, but we decided to try out the Saf upstairs from Whole Foods market in Kensington.

Initially, it look a bit like a food court as many restaurants are open on the same level, not quite as nice an atmosphere as in Shoreditch but once you’re seated you don’t really notice.

For a starter, I went for their wonderful cashew and pesto ‘cheese’ with rawflaxseed crackers and rocket. It was lovely, although the crackers crumbled a bit. The cashew cheese has a fairly strong spring oniony taste and is unlike any other vegan cheese I’ve had but perfectly pleasant. R had raw dolmades, with cauliflower instead of rice although it still tasted wonderful and just like the real thing!

Cashew Pesto poivre with flaxseed crackers, rocket and balsamic reduction

Raw dolmades with vegan tzatziki

My main was an asparagus chickpea pancake (also gluten free)which was very tasty, especially as pancakes and asparagus are among my favourite things, this dish was basically built for me!

Chickpea crepe with asparagus

R went for a raw pad thai which was ok. It was full of sprouts and cool enoki mushrooms and other raw vegetables. Nice for a raw dish but I still need to find raw food that I prefer to cooked.

Raw pad thai

We each had a nice glass of organic vegan wine and service was pleasant if a little slow.

We didn’t have room for pudding but I did pick up a cat and the cream hazelnut, pear and choc chip cupcake from downstairs for later which was yummy as always.

All in all, I’ll be going back to Saf, trying more of the food and treating myself at Whole foods!!!!

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