Vegourmet- my new favourite ‘cheese’

I’m always chasing the next best vegan cheese alternative. I can no longer stand any cheezly (or the cheeses they make for tesco) as the whole range just reminds me of  the lunches I used to make myself at university- couscous, lemon juice, chickpeas and cubes of cheezly.

When vegusto hit our shelves, I was pretty excited and I love the no muh melty and original flavours.

The other day, I decided to order some vegourmet from Alternative stores as I was buying some shoes anyway! I went for the herbario, a mild cheese alternative with herbs.

It came in a large 400g block and the texture is quite solid- great for grating. I also think it tasted really good straight off the block which is the last thing you can say about Cheezly!

I tried cheese on toast and it was amazing. First with grated vegourmet:

Grated vegourmet herbario grilled on toast

It melted niceley and browned a bit too.

I then tried it sliced on top of olive tapenade which was amazing!

Vegourmet herbario sliced and grilled on toast with olive tapenade

You can see in this one how it has browned a bit and melted/bubbled.

This is my favourite vegan cheese so far!! My omnivorous fiance says it tastes like ‘cheap pizza cheese’ which is better than his reaction to others I’ve had him try!!!

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