Beautiful York and Goji Vegetarian cafe

Official website:

Address: 36 Goodramgate, York, YO1 7LF


On a wet November day, we decided to have a day out in York as I was visiting the parents up north. I LOVE York and recommend everybody takes a weekend away there. There’s an awesome railway museum, loads of really nice shops, great architecture, old buildings (try the shambles) and a new Chocolate museum that I haven’t visited yet. The best part, however, is walking around the city walls and taking in all the history, or just enjoying the views.

The second best part is eating in one of the many lovely cafes. I always enjoy El Piano, which is completely gluten free and vegan, and tasty- the sticky toffee pudding is amazing! This time, however, we decided to visit Goji for lunch. This is a small vegetarian café that opened up a few years ago and I’ve been to for nice teas, coffees and vegan cakes before but this was my first lunch experience. I wasn’t disappointed. An extensive menu has a good variety of vegan options and there’s plenty on the specials board too.

I was in an indulgent mood so went for the vegan hot dog! It came in a crunchy baguette with fried onions, ketchup and mustard relish, with a side salad. Very satisfying! R had a non-vegan homemade mushroom and onion quiche, which he enjoyed. My mother had a lovely roasted half butternut squash with quinoa, tomato and hazelnuts and a goats cheese sauce- this could be done vegan without the goats cheese. Mum was very impressed with the flavours in this dish, and the ample portion size! My father went for the seasonal nut roast with roasted vegetables, potatoes and I think a mushroom sauce. That was very tasty too! 4 completely different mains, all done very well!

Of course, I couldn’t resist cake so we shared a lovely moist carrot cake and a not-quite-as-moist but still quite nice coffee and walnut cake. Both vegan again. Tea came loose leaf style in pots with a strainer and R went for the make it yourself hot chocolate with a chocolate bar from Germany, hot milk to stir it into (soya option, always), cream and a cookie. Very indulgent!

Please go and find Goji in York and have a lovely meal!


White chocolate ginger torte

As soon as I saw this post, I was determined to try making a white chocolate torte. Unfortunately they stopped selling both the white chocolate buttons and the cream used!
I did find some white chocolate buttons from Alternative stores and decided I’d try it with them.

I tried them ‘raw’ and they were quite nice but did have a slightly ricey taste to them- definitely needed some vanilla. So, the recipe.

60g vegan margarine (vitalite)
150g ginger nut biscuits

200g vegan white chocolate drops
few drops vanilla essence
100ml oat dream cream (or any other vegan cream alternative)
50g silken tofu

First make the base by melting the margarine, crushing the ginger nuts and mixing together. Press into the bottom of the tin you’re using (I used a foil pie dish)
Melt the white chocolate drops in a bowl over a pan of boiling water. I decided that stirring lots was the best technique here as when I didn’t it seemed to stick to the bowl and stay solid.

Once melted take off the heat and quickly throw in the vanilla essence,  tofu and cream. It all seems like a big mess at this point so get in there with a hand blender and blend until beautiful and smooth and creamy.
Pour over the biscuit base and chill for at least 4 hours before serving.