Yummy V- a crazy adventure in mock meats!

Official website: www.yummyv.co.uk

Address: 55 Station Road, Harrow, HA1 2TY

Tube station: Harrow and Wealdstone

Last night we decided to explore an area where we were pondering moving to- Harrow. This had to coincide with a nice meal out for me, and I chose yummy v after researching online. I actually saw 3 vegetarian restaurants within a few doors of each other on Station Road in Harrow so this was quite impressive! Yummy V is Chinese, there was an Indian and a big buffet place too. So far so good!!!

It’s quite a small place and has more of the look of a takeaway with seating, but there was a big party in around the large round table, about 12 people! Then there was another group of 4 or 5 at a smaller table and we sat at a rectangular table for 6, even though there were only 2 of us, but no other diners came to sit in, although we saw a couple of people coming in to pick up take-away.

I decided not to bother taking photos as the food looks exactly like the pictures on the walls/website, so I’ve just copied some of those to show what we had. There is one item on the menu that is not vegan- this is the deep fried cheese roll.

Wow. The menu. It’s insane!! So many different kinds of mock meat!!

We went for a sharing platter as a starter. This included:

Spring rolls- very nice, traditional Chinese vegetable spring rolls. Nice large ones.

Won tons- These had some fake fish in. I found it a bit realistic! Eek. But they were good- nice pastry.

Sesame toast- yummy deep fried toast with mashed potato and sesame seeds spread on it. I think there were also chopped up mock prawns in there too. R assures me it was very close to prawn toast but less fishy.

Chicken satay- skewers of fake chicken and a satay sauce. I found the chicken a bit realistic again but managed to eat it and enjoy it in the end, one R said that real meat wasn’t as springy! Satay sauce was lovely!!

Crispy fried seaweed- my favourite!! Loved it!

Some pineapple and cucumber- nice touch (we didn’t have tomato- I don’t like big tomatoes anyway!)!

A dipping sauce- maybe sweet and sour? It was really nice and not like the sweet gloopy Chinese sauces you often get. It had more vinegar and you could make out fruits in it. I assume it was made in-house.


I was so excitable throughout this crazy meaty starter and excited about the main.

I had veggie chicken satay, which I can’t find a picture of but was the veggie chicken and red and green peppers in satay sauce. Bit of a kick but very nice!

R went for lemon chicken. I wasn’t such a fan, sauce was a bit sweet and no vegetables but he seemed to like it!

lemon chicken

On the side we had special fried rice- rice fried with vegetables and as much random fake meat as they could fit in- bits of “beef” (R thought this was really good), “chicken” and “prawn” were identified. Who knows what else?

specialfriedriceIt was a huge portion and we left half of it as we were so full and had also ordered special chow mein


Again, chow mein noodles with all the bits of fake meat and fish. The noodles were really good.

All in all a yummy meal, but to be honest I would have preferred vegetables and tofu!! It was a nice adventure, a change of textures but next time I’ll go for a veggie dish, and maybe some crispy veggie duck pancakes!!!

Service was very pleasant- I think it’s family owned. It was also super cheap!! We got all that for about £30!!!

We will return!



Red lentil Kofta


I don’t really know what kofta is supposed to be. I have a feeling it should be balls of minced lamb or something, but whenever I’ve ordered it in a vegetarian restaurant (most memorably The Waiting room in Eaglescliffe and Otto pizza- where they do a red lentil kofta pizza) it has being delightful nutty balls served with curry sauce and normally some rice.
So here’s my recipe:

100g red lentils

75g tofu

2-3 tsp med curry powder

½ tsp amchur powder (optional)

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon salt

80g mixed nuts (I used a combination of almonds, cashews and hazelnuts)

20g sunflower seeds

30g breadcrumbs



1.Boil the red lentils for 10 minutes until soft, and drain.

2.Add to a food processor along with all the other ingredients and pule until the mixture comes together- add a little water if necessary but you should get a nice thick doughy mass.


3.Form into golf ball sized balls in your hands and put on a baking tray.


4.Bake in the oven at about 200’C for 20 minutes until crisp and golden on the outside.


I served mine with some basmati rice and some keralan curry sauce I found in the cupboard. R put his in a flatbread with lettuce and more curry sauce. It was a good meal!


Henderson’s Relish!

hendersons‘The spicy Yorkshire sauce’

I love this stuff!!! I believe it’s used in a similar way to Worcestershire sauce but without the anchovies. I have it in stews, casseroles, on baked beans, potato, vegan cheese on toast, etc. etc. I guess it has a vinegary brown-sauce taste but with less sharpness and more depth!

It’s available all over Yorkshire- they sell it in all the museums in Sheffield and in supermarkets and delis. Unfortunately it’s harder to find in London so I get my supplies up north.


Brilliant vegan sauce!