Naughty Jen/Thanks for the treats! My first vegan food swap.

OK I’m about a week late on this post. I feel like a TERRIBLE member of the vegan community after signing up for a vegan food swap through tohappy vegans ( receiving an amazing box of goodies and NOT SAYING THANK YOU.
A lovely lady called Kadian emailed me to check my address and any dietary requirements then went and got me loads of wonderful foods I hadn’t had before.
A few days after the email, I got home, slightly drunk, after going out for drinks with work people and not having any food. On the sofa was a big box, which I tore into and found inside:
So many exciting things!! I immediately ripped open the Lucy’s chocolate chip cookies. I love Lucy’s cookies and hadn’t had the chocolate chip ones before- they did not disappoint! I also had some dried pears (yum) and coconut chips (weird, but also yum).
I have been using the amazing chilli salt flakes in a lot of my cooking and salad dressings and they give a really great flavour.
The snapea crisps were hoovered up by me another evening- they are awesome!! Like dried out sugarsnap peas with salt I guess but with that texture you get with crisps like wotsits? Hard to describe but I need to find a supplier!!
I haven’t yet tried the chreese sauce but that will come soon, and I also got some nice little teas (great for taking to work)
So thanks, Kadian! I loved my pile of vegan goodies!

Excuses for being so rubbish:
1. I left my old job and started a new one 2 weeks ago, with just a weekend in between on which I was on my hen weekend!! Here is the giant vegan jaffa cake I made for my last day at the old job:


I’ve had to go through loads of training for the new job and have to take a test on what I’ve learnt tomorrow. Eek!!!

2. I’m getting married in less than 3 weeks!!! I have been organising like crazy and this weekend I made an 11″ parkin and a 9″ fruitcake (both nearly 4″ deep!) for the wedding cake! I’m having it professionally iced and will do a post on my recipes (also for the sponge on top which I’ll do 2 days before) but here’s a sneak peek of the fruit cake:
Am I forgiven yet? xxx