Things to look forward to


Happily married and on the honeymoon comedown. 5 day working weeks?? Who thought of these things?

Luckily the internet is awash with things to be excited about: new vegan products etc. So to save me from the post honeymoon blues I have flung the diet (a long way!) and am going to get stuck in!

1. Cat and the cream have a new range of desserts available to Whole Foods, Kensington- including tiramisu!!!

2. These vegan churros are available in Soho.

3. I’ve discovered that the Oxo tower have a dedicated vegan/vegetarian menu.

4. My brother got us a voucher for Vanilla Black as a wedding gift.

5. I’ve discovered freedom mallows. Best marshmallows ever!



















So life isn’t so bad!

I’ll leave you with the ingredients for my favourite honeymoon cocktail, the love affair:

rum, coffee liqueur, coconut cream, bitters and grated nutmeg blended with ice.

YUM it was like drinking ice cream!


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