UK vegan food swap- June!

I had a month off for, y’know, wedding and honeymoon and stuff, but was back for June’s vegan food swap! I happened to be at Ms Cupcake at the beginning of the month so picked up some extra treats in anticipation. Then the email comes from my swapping partner, Mel, “…I do try and steer clear of sugar as much as possible…” Oops, better eat all those marshmallows and gummy bears myself then (probably would have done anyway!)

My parcel came from Sasha from To Happy Vegans and here is a picture of the contents:


Yum yum. I love the new nakd mocha bars but they’re quite hard to find- my only supplier is As Nature Intended in Balham and I don’t make it there very often so this was much appreciated!

The dark chocolate nougat bar was loooovely. The muesli made a good breakfast (I LOVE muesli and breakfast cereals!) Cola bottles, standard gummy sweets, eaten in one sitting. Nice trail mix and popchips (black pepper flavour- hadn’t tried before but will have again!) for work-snacks.

The vanilla and strawberry Tings were interesting- I’ve seen them in Vx and some online reviews. They’re good for a little sweet treat and I think they’re sugar free. Slightly unusual tasting but not unpleasant- kind of like a vanilla and strawberry yoghurt? I’m keen to try the lemony ones now.

And finally the cob of corn!!! It’s like popcorn but not taken off the cob, so you put it in a bag and microwave and end up with popcorn! Unfortunately my bag burst in the microwave towards the end so I had a little bit of cleaning up to do and maybe 1/5 of the cob didn’t end up popping but I got plenty of popcorn off it and I am a huge popcorn fan so it pleased me greatly!!! I had half with nutritional yeast sprinkled over it and the other half with cinnamon and sugar šŸ˜€ i also enjoyed the freak popcorn that had popped and still stayed attached to the cob (yes, I gnawed it off…)

Good times šŸ™‚

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