Diet ruined- July’s vegan food swap

I’m a little late on this one, mainly because I lost the photo of my box from @MrsREJC and have been desperately trying to get the picture off my phone memory card to no avail. I can’t quite remember everything that was in it because there was so much! Rachel seems to have got herself a bit of a reputation for sending ridiculous amounts of treats and included a little note promising me that she hadn’t gone over the spend limit and is just a very good bargain hunter! We got the confirmation email one day, I replied to Rachel with my address the next morning and the day after that my awesome parcel arrived!

I will probably have missed some things off but here’s what I received:


White Chocolate macadamia luna bar. I love luna bars and this is my favourite flavour!


mini bag of oreos. I LOVE OREOS.

Strawberry ‘pencils’– the ones I was sent were definitely vegan but the ones I see in tesco and sainsburys don’t seem to be. They were lovely anyway- strawberry chewy licorice stuff on the outside and a sweet white filling.


Walkers  sensations smoked paprika nuts- these were really awesome. Just a slight kick and a lovely paprika taste and I do much prefer cashews and almonds to peanuts. Great snack.


2 little pots of topas pate– these were lovely spread on crackers and really handy pots to take in my handbag to work.

Another popcorn cob– I’m not sure where these are coming from but they’re great.

Chocolate ice-cream mix– I haven’t made this up yet but I’m excited about it.


A sherbert dip dab. When I’m sad or stressed, R always buys me one of these. Sherbert is amazing!! I loved it.

A pack of dark chocolate digestives– These were amazing! I hadn’t had chocolate digestives before as I’d never found vegan ones. I’m kind of ashamed to admit I managed to eat 6 of them the evening they arrived!


Merchant Gourmet Moroccan cous cous- This made a quick easy lunch. It was really nice with whole chickpeas in and a pleasant spiced tomatoey sauce.

Some nice chai teabags too.

Great box!! I just wish I could find that photo as it was so hard to angle everything so you could see it all in the picture!

Vegan food swap link

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