Noochy courgette noodles

This is more of a concept than a recipe: courgette noodles. I love my spiralizer! It’s a fab machine that turns any vegetable into noodles using a turning handle and a clever grater!



You could get a similar effect by using a vegetable peeler and slicing the pieces into long strips. Anyway, dress with ANYTHING (soy and chilli, lemon and garlic, ‘cheese’ sauce) and you’re good to go. Keep them raw for a bit of bite or fry in a wok for a softer noodle.


1 large courgette (per person as it loses a lot of liquid when fried)- 27 kcal

A few sprays of spray oil- 4 kcal

About a clove of minced garlic- 4 kcal

½ tsp chopped fresh chilli- 3 kcal

2 tsp tomato puree- 14 kcal

1 tablespoon nutritional yeast- 18 kcal

1 tablespoon gram flour- 30 kcal

Pinch of salt

Total Calories: 100 kcal

Spiralize the courgette.

Fry the garlic and chilli in a little oil and add the courgette.

As the courgette starts to lose water, add the tomato, nutritional yeast, gram flour and salt. Let this form a sauce with the liquid from the courgette.


Serve! Add some breadcrumbs for extra texture.



5 thoughts on “Noochy courgette noodles

  1. Yum I like courgette noodles and made them once painstakingly with a frater, may I ask where you got your sprializer from, oops its okay I can see that you’ve given us a link in above. Thank you.

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