August vegan food swap

Another awesome parcel from Sasha



I requested that it was kept fairly ‘healthy’ this month as I’ve been eating a lot of sugar recently and my body/skin is not thanking me for it. Sasha came up trumps and sent me some lovely healthy snacks.

-Little bag of garlic olives. Lovely, good to have some portion control and easy little bag to carry to work.

-Nims fruit crisps. These were really nice crispy dried pineapple. I hadn’t had them before but I’ll be seeking them out again!

-Amazing white chocolate with freeze dried strawberry. This was so unbelievably good.  And I didn’t feel too bad about eating it as the other stuff was more savoury!

-Seed sprinkles- I ate these from the packet as a mid-morning snack but they’d also be good sprinkled over a salad or houmous.

-Saviour snacks nut and berry mix- with almonds, raisins, goji berries and pumpkin seeds. Great mix. It says on the packet ‘Keep yourself bouncing with this mix’ so I did some bouncing.

-Mushroom ketchup- This is great on baked beans and R used it in a sausage casserole the other day in which it went very well. I also think it would be good in a mushroom risotto. I had tried it once before ages ago and forgotten how good it was. New store cupboard staple.

-mini lovehearts ❤


-The best almonds I have ever had!!! They were home soaked-, juicy, succulent and so so tasty. The most satisfying nuts I’ve ever had. I assume that something like tamari was used to flavour them and I must work out how to do this myself.

Thanks, Sasha!



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