Lovely vegan food swap- September

2012-09-23 05.51.30This month’s vegan food swap came from Jade in Lancashire. She wrote me a really lovely little card about what was in the box and her life as a vegan which was a cute touch. Even better- the card is impregnated with thyme seeds so can be planted and I can grow herbs!!!

Jade mentioned that all the food was from local shops and markets. This made me feel a bit bad about my over-reliance on supermarkets for food swaps and I am going to try to use local shops more in future.

I picked up the box from the  post office on my way home from work one night when I was really hungry so may have eaten a bit of it before I had the chance to take a photo (I really need to stop photographing things on my ironing board) so you may notice that the fruit snack and mini-moo honeycomb are just the wrappers. I do like the real-fruit-mushed-into-bars concept so enjoyed the fruit snack bar and the bear rolls. The mini-moo honeycomb chocolate bar was amazing! How have I not had one before? Granted I was picking honeycomb out of my teeth in a traffic jam but it was so tasty!!!!

There was also a bar of dark chocolate with orange which I think must be buried in the photo but I nibbled on it a bit on my way home too and it was good!

When I opened the box initially, there was this amazing herby fragrance which came from the arabiata mix from the market in the middle of the photo. This stuff is great and I’ve used it in stews, tomato sauces and on noodles.

The pretzels made a good snack one evening and R helped me out with the super hot jalapeno crisps! I loved the provamel almond drink, it was really sweet and like an almond milkshake and was great after the gym one morning. The soyesse black cherry soya yoghurt was also yummy.

Aha, the little blue bag sticking out from under the english breakfast tea was a mini pack of  oreos. Love them.

I haven’t got around to the clearspring miso soup yet but it’s in my work cupboard for a hunger emergency and I like miso soup! I also haven’t had all the teas, one of which is olive leaf which I haven’t quite found an occasion for but I will as Jade says it’s really nice!

So thanks, Jade, for putting in so much effort and sending me lovely treats!

UK vegan food swap link:

And a guide to being an awesome swapper:

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