Blueberry Swirl tray bake guinea pigging…


Wow it’s been ages since I last blogged. We bought a flat and have been manically packing/moving/redecorating/attempting to stay married. 2013’s been a big year! But after a month and a bit we’ve finally got a usable living room.

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll have a few things to mention in a round-up soon (lots of photos on my phone) but for now just a quick one to mention Blueberry Swirl:

I discovered their stall at the North East Vegan Festival on 17th November at the Stadium of Light. I took my parents along to their first Vegan Festival and they loved it! Vegusto did some awesome hot dogs and there was so much cake about! My dad was a particular fan of the Blueberry Swirl savoury muffins and I went away with a coffee cupcake and an earl grey cupcake which were both delicious.

So when I saw that Blueberry Swirl were looking for people to test out postage methods on for a potential mail order service I volunteered immediately!

A snickers tray bake was put in the post with royal mail on Wednesday and R picked it up from the post office on Friday night. It was packaged up very securely:


And had travelled very well, with just a few peanuts stuck to the lid (which I imagine would have happened anyway):



Both R and I enjoyed the bake. It was definitely more of  cake than a brownie and was nice and moist, and the chocolate and peanut topping was tasty too.

Watch out for Blueberry Swirl’s postal service in 2014! And if you’re in the north-east find their cakes at various places including the Farplace Animal Rescue charity shop in Wallsend, the Good Apple café in Sunderland and the Olde Young tea house in Middlesbrough.